Hello folks! There’s an interesting story tied to our picture of the day today!

In 1965, a young Bristol UK woman was part of a team formed to beat the world scooter speed record. Marlene Parker, a taxi driver in the city, had been selected from 67 female applicants from across the country to ride a Lambretta scooter in Monza in Italy and break the world record of 110 miles an hour.

The team behind the attempt, which was sponsored by Lambretta and Filtrate Oils, is now reuniting. The only missing member is Marlene – but no one knows where she is.

“Eventually the machine was sold and the team lost touch with Marlene. Unknown to the designers and engineers the machine wasn’t scrapped, and has recently been discovered in the hands of a large German scooter company (SIP, perhaps?) that is intending to completely rebuild it and return it to its former glory of 40 years ago. “They are also trying to bring together all those of the British team who attempted the world record at that time.”

Credit – ScooterLounge.com