Talk to one of our sales associates to see how we can help you get financing on your new or used scooter or motorcycle. We have Tallahassee lenders that can set up financing quickly. We can get you on a scooter fast with convenient financing plans! Below we have listed a few great financing plans for Tallahassee scooters and motorcycles. School is pricey, we know. We want to see you ride.


One of the easiest and fastest loan services out there. Catering to people with lower credit scores and helping them get onto the bike they want today!

CLICK HERE to view their website and apply today!

Flag Credit Union Scooter & Motorcycle Financing

A great local credit union that has easy financing and loans available for scooter purchases.

CLICK HERE to for their online loan application, or go to their website HERE

Synchrony Financial

80+ years of experience helping our partners with their financing needs! Synchrony are experts in the field of financial loans and are known for their lower interest rates but also tend to only approve customers with credit scores of 600 or higher. Unfortunately you can not apply over the internet so come in today to apply!

Springleaf Financial Services

A highly personalized lending service with great loan rates for the motorcyclist

CLICK HERE to for their online loan application, or go to their website HERE

In-house Financing

50% down, then $100 every 2 weeks and 20% fee. Please provide 3 references, a check stub, and a bill (such as a utility bill)

 Manufacturer Financing Programs

Kymco Scooters, Buddy Scooters, and other manufacturers often have financing available or offer seasonal discounts. 

Call us or check with our sales staff to see what is available.

Sheffield Scooter & Motorcycle Financing

Financing plans suited for most any rider with credit score of 650, call for details on rates and terms.

CLICK HERE to download their loan application (.pdf), or go to their website HERE

Lay-Away Program

We can offer you a lay-away program to fit your needs. Imagine that scooter for Christmas, holiday, birthday or just sock away some funds for your new scooter. We make it easy!

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